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Ever imagined finding a serene oasis amidst the hustle of your daily life? Meditacion Yoga Barcelona offers you just that—a sanctuary where you can recharge, rewire, and rejuvenate in just 60 minutes.

Our online meditation and mindfulness classes are your gateway to an enriched day, filled with peace, focus, and renewed energy. Sign up for these classes today!

All classes are in ENGLISH & ONLINE (unless otherwise stated).
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Private Meditation Sessions at Meditacion Yoga Barcelona: A Personal Journey Towards Inner Peace

In the honored tradition of meditation, wisdom was transmitted in a profoundly personal manner, tailored to the unique path of each student.

At Meditacion Yoga Barcelona, we honour this tradition through our private meditation sessions, designed to provide a deeply individualised learning experience. 

Here’s why private meditation classes with us are an unparalleled journey of self-discovery:

Tailored Guidance for Your Unique Path

Every individual embarks on their meditation journey from a different starting point, with unique challenges and goals. Our private sessions honor your personal story, offering customised guidance that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations. 

Deepen Your Practice at Your Own Pace

The journey to inner peace doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all timeline. Private meditation sessions allow you to progress at a pace that feels right for you, with the undivided attention of your instructor. This personalised approach ensures that your practice deepens in a way that is both effective and sustainable, promoting lasting peace and well-being.

Direct Feedback and Support

As you explore the landscapes of your mind and heart, having a skilled guide can be invaluable. Private sessions provide immediate feedback and support, helping you navigate challenges at every step.

Experience the Transformative Benefits of Meditation

Private meditation sessions at Meditacion Yoga Barcelona are more than just learning techniques; they’re an invitation to transform your life. Benefits include:

Embark on a meditation journey that honors your individuality and fosters deep personal growth.  Whether you’re seeking to deepen your practice or explore meditation for the first time.

Contact me to learn more about our private meditation sessions and start your personalized journey towards inner peace today.


Duration: 60 minutes

(Online or face-to-face)

‘Virtual Temple’ Lunchtime (Online) Mindfulness Meditation Sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays

Transform Your Day in 45 Minutes!

What if I told you that in the middle of your busy day, a sanctuary awaits you?

What if in just 45 minutes, you could recharge your spirit, rewire your brain, and reawaken your best self?

Well, it’s possible! Filter out the noise of the day with these solid 45-minute sessions online at Meditacion Yoga Barcelona.

These ‘virtual temple’ mindfulness meditation sessions are skillfully designed, involving multiple practices weaved together to give you an all-round, smooth, and complete ‘workout’.

Each session will empower you with inner peace and laser-sharp focus for the rest of your day.

We will explore a range of traditional and modern  meditations during the session. Each session will serve a unique purpose to help you rewire your brain and awaken untapped potentials.

It will make you walk away feeling reconnected back to your inner beliefs that will uplift, empower, and re-energise you back to conclude the rest of your day.

These sessions are suitable for all levels and is a great way to find a little peace and quiet before the potential ‘craziness’ of a weekend schedule.

Mondays: 12:30–13:15 (45 mns) – 8€
Wednesdays: 12:30–13:15 (45 mns) – 8€
Steady practice of meditation changes the architectural features of the brain

Evolutionary Mindfulness Meditation Sessions: Rewire, Awaken & Thrive (Online): Tuesdays & Thursdays

After an awakening experience, do you have enough ‘stablisation’ in your practice to go further? This points to the direction of where you are going. Is really the one technique or practice just it? From my experience and from speaking to many teachers ‘off the record’, one practice is really not enough to create the stability required to receive the full impact of your awakening (which can happen to a beginner or an experience practitioner at any time).

However, these classes is designed for those who have committed themselves to deepening their meditation practice or who are ready to take ownership on the spiritual path.

Going beyond the level of simply “being present.” These sessions aim to fundamentally rewire our brains by using specific but connected meditation practices that facilitate our evolution.

These practices will serve as powerful tools to help us awaken to our true selves, connect deeply with others & foster lasting inner peace. Using approximately 15 specifically targeted meditations, these meditations will begin to focus on transcending self-imposed limitations and tapping into a universal intelligence.

Tuesdays: 19:00–20:00 (60 mns) – 10€
Thursdays: 19:00–20:00 (60 mns) – 10€

Friday Lunchtime (Online) Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Every Friday lunchtime we come together as an international online community for a deep, guided meditation. The meditation will include a short discourse centred what is happening in our daily lives and how we can use these personal experiences to awaken our meditation practice through specific practices, including walking and standing meditation.

The session is appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike and is a great way to find a little peace and quiet before the potential ‘craziness’ of a weekend schedule.

Fridays: 12:30–13:30 (60 mns) – 10€

Insight (Vipassana) Meditation (Outdoor Sessions)

These Saturday morning classes are open to students who have carried out a Vipassana (insight) meditation retreat with either myself or other recognised teachers of this lineage.

The session will include Anapana (breath awareness), Vipassana (insight) and metta bhavana (loving kindness) meditations along with standing and walking meditations to strengthen our awareness and equanimity during the session.

Sessions will be held outdoors at Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella 

Saturdays: 8:00–9:30 (90 mns) – 10€

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    Vipassana Online Group Meditation

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