This week is UN’s World Mental Health Week. Meditación Yoga Barcelona is going to offer different tips and advice to help you to maintain focus and serenity.

However, I have a short mental health assessment I created to gauge your mental health while trying to balance work with home. Consider these as questions for reflection.

Questions for reflection

Rank as follows:

1 = Never (No negative impact)

2 = Sometimes (Little – temporary – negative impact)

3 = Often (Noticeable negative impact)

4 = Quite Often (Constant negative impact)

5 = Always (Significant – lasting- negative impact)

🌸 How often do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?
🌸 How regularly do you experience feelings of isolation or disconnection at work?
🌸 How frequently do you struggle with concentration during your workday?
🌸 How often do you feel that you’re not recognized or valued for your contributions?
🌸 Do you experience physical symptoms that you attribute to work stress (e.g. headaches, fatigue)?
🌸 How frequently do you find it hard to switch off from work during personal time?
🌸 How often do you feel anxious about work when you wake up in the morning?
🌸 How regularly do you experience conflicts with colleagues or superiors?
🌸 How frequently do you feel the need to work beyond your regular hours to manage your tasks?
🌸 How often do you doubt your ability or worth in your professional role?

Do not panic if you had 3, 4 or 5 in some of above questions! The above is just reflective not a forecast.

Notwithstanding the above, here is a list of a few remedies from Meditación Yoga Barcelona to help you get aligned back to your true self!

Barcelona, let’s make mental health a beautiful journey, one breath at a time.

Mental Health Day/Week

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